Friday, June 23, 2017

Avenged Sevenfold's City Of Evil one of the greatest Rolling Stone's 100 Metal Albums of All Time

Rolling Stone shared a list of The 100 Greatest Metal Albums Of All Time and Avenged Sevenfold's 'City of Evil' made it on at #100. You can read below an excerpt:

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Avenged Sevenfold won 'Best International Band' at 2017 Metal Hammer Golder Gods

Avenged Sevenfold won the “Best International Band” award at the 2017 Metal Hammer Golden Gods. Congratulations.

Synyster Gates about 'Malaguena Salerosa': "I've always loved that song"

Synyster Gates recently talked about 'Malaguena Salerosa' cover. He said: "I've always loved that song. There have been a few interesting interpretations over the years, including Chingon's version from the 'Kill Bill Volume 2' soundtrack. That's a great example of how a timeless song can be made relevant with a creative modern take. The structure, arrangement and incredible vocal work of their rendition was inspiring."

Monday, June 12, 2017

M.Shadows about 'Malaguena Salerosa': "I worked on pronunciation for weeks"

M.Shadows recently talked about their new cover of 'Malaguena Salerosa'. He said: "We've said all along that we want 'The Stage' to be a different and exciting listening experience. For us, the idea of turning an album into a living piece of art and adding new installations is really intriguing. It expands the journey."

He continued: "We wanted to do the song justice and that meant singing in its original language. It was difficult, but I worked on it for weeks and had a Spanish-speaking friend come over daily to go over pronunciation. I also brought him to the studio to produce the vocals. It was important to me to get it right."

Saturday, June 10, 2017

M.Shadows reveals his least favorite Avenged Sevenfold songs

M.Shadows was recently interviewed by Ask Anything, revealing his favorite Avenged Sevenfold song of 'The Stage' album: "All the songs have been a favorite at one point, but if I had to pick an absolute favorite, it would probably be 'Exist,' just because it's outside the box and I enjoy the idea that it's trying to convey, which is the Big Bang and the creation of this wonderful universe."

He also reveals his least favorite Avenged Sevenfold song, which is "Unbound" off the band's 2007 self-titled album. From a non-album song standpoint, he picks "Girl I Know," which appeared on the b-sides/live album Live in the LBC & Diamonds in the Rough. He said: "There's a lot of 'em. Probably 'Girl I Know' because I think the lyrics are incredibly cheesy. Least favorite Avenged song that made it onto a record? It would probably have to be 'Unbound.' I think it's a little sugary for my taste at this age."

Friday, June 9, 2017

Avenged Sevenfold release cover of Mexican folk song 'Malaguena Salerosa'

Avenged Sevenfold released cover of the Mexican folk song “Malaguena Salerosa.” You can listen to the song below:

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Avenged Sevenfold tease ‘The Stage Experience’

Avenged Sevenfold are up to something and all will be revealed on June 9. Last year M.Shadows revealed to Kerrang: "We had one track that we weren’t able to finish during the making of the record – it wasn’t going to make the record, but we’ve finished it now – and then we have about six other cover songs that we think people will really enjoy. It’s off-the-wall stuff – not typical cover stuff. So we’re going to release those when we feel like it, so you may wake up one day and The Stage on Spotify will have extra songs on it. And that will continue to happen for the next couple of years.”

Could that be what ‘The Stage Experience’ is? Or will it be something completely different? You can watch the video below: