Tuesday, December 13, 2011

La nuova serie di Brian Haner Sr.

Brian Haner Sr, ha rilasciato la sua nuova serie dal titolo "Brians House." L'episodio 1 è già disponibile. Potete controllare ogni settimana per i nuovi episodi.

Brian’s House with Brian Haner #1: BrianHaner.TV
Brian’s House #2: Holiday Edition: BrianHaner.TV
Brian’s House #3: Goodbye 2011: BrianHaner.TV
Brian's House #4: Welcoming 2012 / Fan Emails / On The Road With Brian: BrianHaner.TV
Brian's House #5: Dicks In The News/ Fan Emails/ On The Road With Brian: BrianHaner.TV
Brian’s House #6: On The Road With Brian: European Tour / Dicks In The News: BrianHaner.TV
Brian’s House #7: Rectum? Damn Near Killed ‘Em: BrianHaner.TV
Brian's House #8: Avenged Sevenfold - One Big Happy Family: BrianHaner.TV
Brian’s House #9: I Was Born With Female Genitalia: BrianHaner.TV
Brian’s House #10: Your Dad’s A Star. You Suck.: BrianHaner.TV

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