Monday, July 1, 2013

Synyster Gates talks about of the hair of M. Shadows

Revolver Magazine has interviewed Synyster Gates, here is a piece of the interview:

Lastly, in recent photos, M. Shadows has long hair and you recently got a different haircut. Are these a result of being in the studio too long?
[Laughs] Matt’s been growing his hair out for a solid year now. A number of times he talked about cutting it and we were like, “Come on, dude. Don’t cut the fucking hair. Let it go. You’re in a fucking metal band. Let the colors fly.” So it got past that fucking awkward stage and he never had his hair even half as long as it is right now. So I’m sure he was waking up feeling itchy and all sorts of crazy shit. I’ve had long hair before and it sucks. But he fucking triumphed over it, and I think he looks fucking awesome. Pretty heavy metal. And the rest of us, I don’t fucking know. We just do goofy shit sometimes.