Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Interview with Synyster Gates and Zacky Vengeance in Sweden

Had been proud
- We miss our friend. And then to start on a new album took much longer than expected, an important part of the band was missing. But we managed to get it together and I know he would have been proud of us today, says Brian Elwin Haner Jr..
Despite the heavy news December day the band chose to go out on tour with the album "Nightmare."
How was it to start touring immediately after his death?
- To play the first concert when he was with was the hardest thing I have ever done. But when we saw that the fans were there and supported us, we knew this was going to be okay, says Zachary James Baker.
It became a way to process the event?
- It was therapeutic. When we saw our fans, we knew that they mourned as much as we do. The tour was something we had to do. It was just jumping up on the horse again and do it for Jimmy. We endured by being together, says Brian Elwin Haner Jr..
New album "Hail to the king" a step forward after a heavy period.
Should kick in teeth
- We wanted it to sound larger than life, gigantic. It will kick in the teeth for you as soon as you press play. It was hard to write, but I think the result was good, says Brian Elwin Haner Jr..
With role models like Iron Maiden and Rammstein promise now a grand show when they will visit Stockholm again in November.
- We want to blow things up. It should look like anarchy on stage, controlled chaos, says Zachary James Baker.
A flight from reality
Reviewers call the group worthy successor to Kiss , Guns N 'Roses and Aerosmith . But the fact they do not care about legacy to live up to - they simply want to bid on a good show.
- We want to give the audience an escape from reality and just trying to be as good as we can, says Brian Elwin Haner Jr..
- And we're not good, we are pretty damn stubborn, says Zachary James Baker.



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