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Cam Rackam spoke with Vinyl Creep of Hail to the King

Cam Rackam spoke with Vinyl Creep of Hail to the King:

Easily one of the most anticipated albums of 2013, Avenged Sevenfold‘s ‘Hail to the King’ will surely satisfy fans both young and old. With a stripped-down, yet powerful sound and a pure, raw attitude track after track, ‘Hail to the King’ lives up to the high expectations set before its release. It only makes sense that the band is offering an equally killer experience with the vinyl release of their sixth studio album.

Released as a double-LP edition, ‘Hail to the King’ stands out simply because of the unbelievably gorgeous artwork on the cover of the jacket. Created by Cam Rackam, an artist out of Southern California, the cover is a beautifully terrifying shot of a skeleton king. The piece of art is aptly named ‘Deadly Rule.’ “I wanted the cover to be serious, tough, and conquer-esque,” Rackam tells Vinyl Creep in an exclusive chat. “[The album] stirs like an anthem for the modern warrior. So when it came to the painting, I was inspired by the final shot in ‘Conan the Barbarian’ — referenced from the Frazetta painting — where he is sitting at the throne in contemplation of the chaos in his kingdom. I loved that idea of the warrior king.”

He goes on, “I wanted to keep in sync with the album’s themes and lyrics, so I added some heavy satanic elements: pentagrams, inverted crosses and more. I’m thrilled with the final result; the band really let me take the reins on this one.”

Rackam is a hardcore A7X fan, but he’s also more than that. “The Rev, M. Shadows and I grew up on the same block,” he explains. “We’ve been friends for almost 18 years. So yeah I’m definitely a fan, I remember the first demo back in ’99.”

As fans spin ‘Hail to the King,’ they’ll no doubt be sitting, staring at the artwork, trying to decipher what everything means. Vinyl Creep immediately noticed an absent plank from the floor next to the throne.

“The missing floorboard is a secret,” Rackam says, unfortunately for us. “I’m sure eventually one day some fan will figure it out. There’s a lonely drumstick leaning against the right wall. If you look close, it’s pointing to a pentagram carved into the brick. There’s also symbolism in the window, chair, walls and curtains. It’s fun watching fans decipher something I’ve made.”

For those fans grabbing the CD release of ‘Hail to the King,’ they’ll notice the cover is a simple black and white deathbat, but once opened, they’ll find Rackam’s ‘Deadly Rule’ art as well. That being said, trust us, you need to see this painting on a 12″ jacket. “This version is for the fans,” the artist says about the double-LP. “I’m thrilled that everyone has the opportunity to own not only the new A7X album, but a piece of my art bigger than a 6″ CD. Go vinyl!”

Check out some of the shots of ‘Deadly Rule’ below, and make sure you get to your favorite record shop to pick up the vinyl release of Avenged Sevenfold’s fantastic, ‘Hail to the King.’ Exclusive cover art and non-stop rock make for one hell of a vinyl experience. 

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