Saturday, December 28, 2013

Zacky V: "This day marks the worst annual day..."

Here's the tweet:

This day marks the worst annual day Ive ever had on earth but surely the biggest party the afterlife has ever had. Lets celebrate the latter


  1. RIP JIMMY hope you are partying like crazy

  2. My husband and I, sincerely wish you guys, a day of reminiscing about the Rev. We are both 10 shots deep each in honor of your fallen comrade. Please accept our condolence, from us to you.... "never a stranger to late nights, fist fights, snake bites, and empty pints.... unraveled heights, yeah..." Undying REVerence, Bill and Mallory Edmonds.

  3. we all will foREVer miss Jimmy but we shall all remember "For every sorrow there's a light from our St. James" he was an inspiration, hero and saint to many but to you he was your best friend and brother i wish i knew him as well as you guy did. I hope your all having a intense party in your city of evil in his memory i know i've had a few in honour of Jimmy.. R.I.P Jimmy foREVer

  4. Legends never die. Jimmy will live on foREVer in our hearts. He was an amazing musician and I hope he's partying in the afterlife! RIP James "the Rev"

  5. You will always live in our hearts.......on this day the world lost its greatest drummer that ever walked on this earth...... :'(

    jimmy.....your are One of a kind and there's more than meets the eye