Sunday, January 12, 2014

Synyster Gates interview with Rolling Stone Italy

The magazine Rolling Stone Italia spoke by phone with Synyster Gates , and addressed issues such as the new album, about how to keep the music scene today after 14-year career, his opinion about the band considered to be the heirs of Metallica Mike Portnoy and more ...

You are on the road at least 14 years, how difficult it is to establish itself as a band in the music scene today?
Synyster Gates : "I'm not sure if we are on the road so long ...".

Yes, you founded the band in 1999! 
Synyster Gates : "Ah, ok, thanks ... By the way: in some ways it is harder for some and easier for others. So in our case is quite unique: we grew up together, know each other since we were 10 years, we are like brothers. My wife and Shadows are like sisters, we were lucky. About how to be successful today, well, social networks give you an amazing help, they put us in touch with other musicians, with the developer to arrange dates: keep the base is definitely easier. "

Speak of you as a band that will take the place of Metallica in the hearts of metal fans. How do you feel about being considered the "next greatest generation", after nearly three decades of his career? 
Synyster Gates : "This is something we talk a long time, certainly for us it is an honor to be regarded as the band which can one day receive the 'baton' of Metallica. Now they are still around and they do great things, we worry about trying to succeed doing things our way, playing our music to our fans. And if there's one thing I'm sure of is that they are the best in the world, they are amazing. "

My favorite part of the album, because of its provision and use of grooves, is Planets. It is the least that fits the metal, but it's still cool ... 
Synyster Gates : "Thank you ... Well, it's certainly the most progressive part of the album, although all tracks are written with a function of the groove. In my opinion the DNA of Avenged Sevenfold is an important progressive vein, and here we wanted to set aside, leaving open to all classical influences our field. The image I had in mind was that of a full intergalactic conflict of meteorites and doomsday scenarios, and just wanted an idea that resembles a movie. It was fun to write, it's definitely my favorite song on the disc, and then merges with the Acid Rain, the last song on the album, talking about how you feel after this fight intergalactic war and lose it when you are there with your soul mate and you know you are about to be wiped off the face of the earth. "

But this gradual discovery and where it comes from? It is the fault of Mike Portnoy [legendary drummer of Dream Theater]? 
Synyster Gates : "No, he was with us for about a year, shortly after the release of Nightmare. He gave us a big hand to return to the road after the death of The Rev. Mike, broadened our musical horizons showing us a lot of television series, a true master. "

Hail to the King has no crazy solos as Bat Country, but it sounds very cohesive, very homogeneous, is a desired thing? 
Synyster Gates : "Absolutely. When we recorded a new album, and ended up at least four written materials, then choose the songs that work best in the global economy hard. Listen to an LP is always a long trip and do not want to be a stagnant experience - coinciding with the single -. Ago a flash of enthusiasm and energy ... In this case, we have a very progressive album with many small grooves in every song "

As the Slayer, already out with a label that is not specialized for their gender: Def Jam Recordings with excellence in hip hop, and you were the Hopeless Records, one of the most important record labels of American punk scene. As the match? 
Synyster Gates : "Well, they were always very nice to us while we were with them, but then things stopped working, so in 2004 we moved to Warner, which - unlike the other majors - Guaranteed 100% artistic freedom. The impossible has given us less control, Warner allowed us to cultivate the artistic growth of the band. We are with them for years, is the perfect label for us. "

I wanted to stop talking about "recreational drugs". Your ex-bassist, Justin Sane, attempted suicide with a whole bottle of cough syrup with codeine, their drummer died of a deadly cocktail of alcohol and opiates. While the metal scene has practically ceased to extol drugs, hip-hop is full of rappers like Lil 'Wayne sporting the consumption of sizzurp, a cocktail of cough syrup and Sprite. What do you think? 
Synyster Gates : "Hip hop glorifies only the most basic instincts: sex, drugs, violence ... What do you think? I have no particular opinion on hip hop, but if I had a son I should probably take one. If my son wants to hear these things, I'd say just for fun, but not to take seriously, because reality is not so. "

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