Saturday, February 15, 2014

Download Festival promoter talks about Avenged Sevenfold

Rock Sins interviewed Andy Copping, Download Festival promoter, who also spoke of Avenged Sevenfold:

Obviously this year you’ve promoted Avenged Sevenfold (to headliner status) and it’s something you have to keep doing to breed the headliners of tomorrow, do you think next year subject to schedules and everything you’d look to have “another newer generation band” as a headliner?

Andy: The answer to that is a resounding Yes. I’ve taken stick over the years from people for elevating bands who were perceived that they didn’t deserve it and then it works out. I did it with Slipknot in 2009, and back then people said I was crazy, that they weren’t ready, that they weren’t a big enough band, and they SO were, and I’ve done exactly the same with Avenged Sevenfold. People are saying they’re not worthy of being a headline band, they are absolutely worthy. They’ve had a number one album in the UK…

Rock Sins: And they’re the only ones to do so who aren’t Metallica, Maiden or Sabbath in god knows how long.

Andy: Yeah, correct. I think it’s really important that Download elevates these bands and bring bands through who are going to be the headliners for the future becuase there aren’t that many there. We have to do it as a festival and hopefully we bring the audience along with it too. People may say that they weren’t expecting such and such a band to be a headliner but they’ll say I’m going to get behind this and that’s where we need people to be whether it’s buying the records or buying the concert tickets or whatever, we have to elevate and bring them through. Otherwise, the old guard are not going to be around, and who’s going to replace them? Let’s be honest, if you think when we first started Download, so twelve years ago, in twelve years from now I can’t see Maiden doing it, or Metallica doing it.

Rock Sins: No, and certainly not Sabbath.

Andy: And not Sabbath, and not AC/DC. They are not going to be there. So there has to be a new generation coming through, and there are acts there, definitely, but we need to nurture them. It’s hugely important that a festival like Download and myself as a promoter start elevating these bands. And the bands themselves have to live up to it, they have to deliver the performances and they have to keep releasing strong records to keep themselves in people’s eyes and have people talking about their music.

Rock Sins: Were Alter Bridge close? I know there was a lot of speculation amongst the fans and the forums as they’ve had two virtually sold out arena tours and they’ve released another really strong album, they must be fairly high on the list of potentials for the future….

Andy: For me, with Alter Bridge, if they can release a crossover album, with two or three really big songs on there, anthemic songs, then they’ve definitely got a chance. They’re an unbelievable band and considering how well that they’ve grown over the years, I think on their next record if they can release and have a couple of really strong, big singles on there, that’s definitely going to put them in that group of bands that have got a chance of going on to headline status.

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