Monday, March 17, 2014

Arin Ilejay spoke with O Globo in Rio de Janeiro

Arin Ilejay spoke with O Globo while the band was in Rio de Janeiro, Saturday March 15 th at the HSBC Arena.

Arin Ilejay: "There is an obvious difference between our fans in Brazil and the rest of the world. You are very passionate. Brazil is included in our itinerary of any tour, "[...]" I'm curious to know what happens culturally the world, but ashamed to assume that I know of songs that are not in English. Hopefully we will return is a chance to know the music of you. "

Ilejay also commented on the difference between own festivals and shows, citing the band's performance at Rock in Rio last year that took about 25,000 people to the city of Rock:

Arin Ilejay: "The good of a show is our only we can do whatever we want, and there is no obligation to invest in hits ..." [...] "At a festival, you divide attention with fans of other bands and the audience goes the day waiting for the show, tired, worn perhaps with a more energy. Particularly, I love festivals, by being able to cross with consecrated bands and new names. It was amazing to see Iron Maiden waving those thousands of people with energy as if they were teenagers. "

Arin commented on how it was to record the new album of the band, his first recording on a disc large:

Arin Ilejay: "I was nervous in the recording. Despite the great relationship and I have gone on a successful tour with them, I knew that this was the litmus test to stay in the band "[...]" They wanted a footprint heavy metal old school. In the first two days of recording still had no concept of the disk head. I had to relearn how to have my own ideas. "

Arin Ilejay says that, contrary to the image that many have of a metal band, the group's dressing room is always very quiet:

Arin Ilejay: "Contrary to the image many have of Heavy Metal bands, After the stage, the story changes somewhat. But nobody is crazy high. The Rev's death (by overdose of tranquilizers) made the band become stronger. "

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