Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Review of Avenged Sevenfold show in Argentina

ElAcople.com did a review of Avenged Sevenfold show in Argentina:

It took three years to return the heavy side which is most talked about in the media. Avenged Sevenfold is not only accumulating convocation and awards around the world but also enhances quality front of the stage, where for an hour and a half coils hundreds of souls, crushed with sounds more sinister and yet, they reach the hearts in his melancholic parts. " A Little Piece of Heaven "is a clear example download this final piece of the sky that encapsulates what the group itself. Not coincidentally touched the end of the evening, since insurance was to remind everyone who they are and where they come from. For more new album that they are presenting.

"Hail to the King" (2013) is the sixth studio of A7X , his "black disc" further enhanced the popularity already reached "Nightmare" (2011) by taking them to new levels. Responsible for limbering the public at Luna Park were local Pork . Those who knew them knew that characterizes claw; those not sure were surprised to see that the national scene is healthy.

Close to the prevailing darkness 21 announced the big time and then the climate Moon testified cellular and deafening screams of fans at such event. " Sherpherd of Fire " madness unleashed in the countryside, next to "Doing Time" and cut diffusion were the only interpreted the last album in the first part of the show. The rest of the set list was devoted to cycle through the other five discs of Californians.

"Critical Acclaim" and "Beast and the Harlot" were the first jewelery. There began with a lower than expected sound, but appreciated the mixture was perfect. The grouping is presented in good humor, so much so that the frontman , M. Shadows (vocals), started to talk to the public, even joking with a balloon or "condom" as expressed. And several times I was interrupted with the classic song " ole ole " .

There was almost no mention of the late founder drummer, Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan , as there was in 2011 in the Falklands, but his spirit was felt in "Eternal Rest ", a difficult figurine glad to hardcore fans. This time the place was occupied patches after Arin Ilejay not mess up any of the compositions stale "Waking The Fallen" (2003) and "City of Evil" (2010) as " Unholy Confessions "and" Seize the Day ".

After the explosion meant " Nightmare ", all the euphoria was short compacted by the guitar solo Synyster Gates , who showed that it is not just a pretty face with a distorted viola. He continued, " Afterlife " and " Almost Easy " the eponymous album and " This Means War "trilogy completed before the encore.

Nobody was in place and all looked expectantly to the movements of the dark stage with the giant skull in the background. Black goggles Mr. Shadows (not removed them in no time), became visible hand to present the final two parts, " Unholy Confessions "and" A Little Piece of Heaven ", the whole moon celebrated as if the concert were to start again.

Unfortunately for them it was not, but it all kinds of ways this concert assume that the link with the country and is made either by the vibe that radiated or feedback between band and audience. So are already empowered to dream what the next big round of Avenged Sevenfold.

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