Thursday, April 17, 2014

Arin Ilejay: "After the album process everything was finalized..."

Arin was interviewed by Krone, here's an excerpt:

Krone: At first you were only a session member. When did the others decided to employ you as a full member of the band?

Arin Ilejay: After the recording of "Hail To The King". At first we just talked about joint tours and live games. I then also asked if I could play this or that song live and show off in front of the audience with jokes. Then the question of whether I could take with the other an album with everyone would be happy arose, and eventually I got the green light for all these issues. After the album process everything was finalized and the boys said: ".. Alright man, we want you to be our drummer for the rest of our lives"

Krone: Did you initially slept on it or immediately promised?

Arin Ilejay: Just a little bit. One or two weeks, I've already taken, to think hard about this decision.

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