Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Arin Ilejay: "During the recording process..."

Arin was interviewed by Krone, here's an excerpt:

Krone: "Hail To The King" includes quotes from reinforced metal bands of the 80s years. When you have discovered the love for it with you?

Arin Ilejay: For me it began during the working process of the new album. Unlike the other guys I did not grow up with this music, there's a gap between us. The others have Metallica and Pantera heard very early on - the lowest common denominator for all of us was Led Zeppelin. This used to be my absolute favorite band. The whole wave with bands like AC / DC has gone by in my childhood to me. During the recording process, I naturally stronger dealt me with the songs and bands from the past and over time really can build a kind of relationship with it. Makes to play such songs live just crazy fun.

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