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Arin Ilejay interview with Krone

Arin Ilejay was interviewed by Krone, you can read below:

Krone: With your latest album "Hail To The King" are you raced in the U.S. and in the UK at number one, what is madness for a metal band. Was it now time for you to conquer the European market? 
Arin Ilejay: (laughs) Our aim was rather to conquer the new album in all markets.

Krone: In the States you are but for years a really big number.
Arin Ilejay: We had high hopes of making it here in Europe, and it was, thank God, really shiny for us.

Krone: "Hail To The King" includes quotes from reinforced metal bands of the 80s years. When you have discovered the love for it with you?
Arin Ilejay: For me it began during the working process of the new album. Unlike the other guys I did not grow up with this music, there's a gap between us. The others have Metallica and Pantera heard very early on - the lowest common denominator for all of us was Led Zeppelin. This used to be my absolute favorite band. The whole wave with bands like AC / DC has gone by in my childhood to me. During the recording process, I naturally stronger dealt me with the songs and bands from the past and over time really can build a kind of relationship with it. Makes to play such songs live just crazy fun.

Krone: What was ultimately the reason that you went musically, even in this direction? 
Arin Ilejay: The main reason was that all the great albums of that time timeless classics. We have bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica  and AC / DC - seen them live, and although the music is some pretty easy, it's damn difficult to perform even live in the perfect setting. We went back a step himself, have kept us almost the whole picture in mind and recognized the huge influences of these bands on us. But this effect to the outside, can inspire the masses of people - that we wanted to achieve. Our goal is nothing other than the world domination.

Krone: As you stand against the many critics who "Hail To The King" as a pure imitation of the black album of Metallica? 
Arin Ilejay: Um ... I don't know. We don't spend a lot of time to think about such things. It actually we don't care because in the end we are here to go out and play music. If the fans love it, it's okay. In addition, we are honest to ourselves and make exactly the music that we love. The positive feedback on the album outweigh any case.

Krone: How do you see your job in the band? You are entered two years ago in the footsteps of the tragic late drummer The Rev, who had an immense impact on the sound of Avenged Sevenfold. 
Arin Ilejay: The hardest is probably the fact that he can not kick your ass me out of the grave . His playful and songwriting qualities had such a big influence on the band that I have a huge catch-up. For me as a musician, this role is an incredible challenge. It's actually damn crazy to play his songs live. It is as if a dream had come true, because he was already one of my favorite drummers and to be called by his songs, is not without. Is a great honor for me.

Krone: Have you worked on the songs on "Hail To The King"? 
Arin Ilejay: Not really - I'm more leaned back and watched the whole thing because the guys really know much about their music and the band. For me there were not many ways you can help a little, because I was the newcomer to the band and had to concentrate on it to continue the work of The Rev worthy and not wanting too much about from over-motivation. Always when I arrived with ideas, the guys have me throttled back and told me that I should rather keep me on their policies. I then said, "Okay, guys, tell me just what I do, and I'll do it." I have the mechanisms in the band initially did not fully understand until we went into the studio. When we started to record the songs, has made ​​it "click".

Krone: At first you were only a session member. When did the others decided to employ you as a full member of the band? 
Arin Ilejay: After the recording of "Hail To The King". At first we just talked about joint tours and live games. I then also asked if I could play this or that song live and show off in front of the audience with jokes. Then the question of whether I could take with the other an album with everyone would be happy arose, and eventually I got the green light for all these issues. After the album process everything was finalized and the boys said: ".. Alright man, we want you to be our drummer for the rest of our lives"

Krone: Did you initially slept on it or immediately promised?
Arin Ilejay: Just a little bit. One or two weeks, I've already taken, to think hard about this decision.

Krone: What's the reason that "Hail To The King" in a direct comparison with the previous "Nightmare" sounds so positive and life-affirming? 
Arin Ilejay: This very much is clear however that we have not thought of "Nightmare" during the writing process . After the last album the thought of how we can turn the corner to the next step was. As a band, you want to ensure continuously that you the fans are delivering a new concept and they take you on a new journey. We just wanted to show people that we have evolved, have grown. We have grown more than ten years ago by "Sounding The Seventh Trumpet" to "Waking The Fallen". The same direction then "City Of Evil" and the self titled. It's just a constant process of development.

Krone: After her Metalcore 've capped many years ago roots, I would imagine that not too her much like it did to play songs from "Sounding The Seventh Trumpet" still live. 
Arin Ilejay: That is not absolutely - not really. I like our entire back catalog and I have great fun playing the really old stuff. Unfortunately, however, we go with the live songs not so far back, but start only when the numbers of "Waking The Fallen". The further back you go, more it's harder. Especially the songs of "City Of Evil" - there are the drums of madness. A song like "Burn It Down" calls me from everything. This is a beast of a song.

Krone: Will you for participating actively in the songwriting process for the next album?
Arin Ilejay: Yes, I'm sure that I will be then much more involved in the whole process.

Krone: Have you ideas for?
Arin Ilejay: Here and there, chatting with M. Shadows about it, but it's we have really a matter of "Hail To The King" until the last possible time to present as much as possible. Before we waste more thoughts on a next album is currently in our heads this chapter up and running, and we will now properly touring with it and have fun.

Krone: M. Shadows is now indeed father. Can see the child on tour?
Arin Ilejay: Not just yet, but over time it encounters them.

Krone: What but certainly also means that the big party times are thus limited.
Arin Ilejay: No (laughs). It sounds crazy, but we are now really have grown so much that we just like to depend in bars, a couple of beers drink and have lots of fun together. Any mad events no longer occur. There are no large coke lines on a silver platter, or the like (laughs). It's all much more rested with us.

Krone: Good to hear. What are the next steps for Avenged Sevenfold?
Arin Ilejay: to be constant on tour. At least one and a half to two years. We want the customer of the album simply spread over the whole world beyond. Simply the domination of the world aspire.

Krone: And by the way win a few Grammys. 
Arin Ilejay: Yes, that definitely sounds not bad (laughs).

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