Thursday, April 17, 2014

Arin Ilejay: "When we started to record the songs..."

Arin was interviewed by Krone, here's an excerpt:

Krone: Have you worked on the songs on "Hail To The King"?

Arin Ilejay: Not really - I'm more leaned back and watched the whole thing because the guys really know much about their music and the band. For me there were not many ways you can help a little, because I was the newcomer to the band and had to concentrate on it to continue the work of The Rev worthy and not wanting too much about from over-motivation. Always when I arrived with ideas, the guys have me throttled back and told me that I should rather keep me on their policies. I then said, "Okay, guys, tell me just what I do, and I'll do it." I have the mechanisms in the band initially did not fully understand until we went into the studio. When we started to record the songs, has made ​​it "click".

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