Thursday, April 3, 2014

M.Shadows talks about the "Shepherd of Fire Tour" with Hellyeah and Adrenaline Mob

Loudwire has interviewed M.Shadows, below an excerpt:

You have dates with Hellyeah coming up. Vinnie Paul is excited about this tour. He had mentioned you might have heard a few songs off their record. If you want to talk about Hellyeah, Adrenaline Mob and your excitement of bringing these bands along with you.

Hellyeah, we’ve been friends with them for a long time. We toured with them a few years back and it was great. I think Vinnie sent me three songs and they were awesome. It really captured that old bass and drum sound that Pantera used to have. It sounds huge. I’m really excited for that record to come out and we’re glad they’re putting out a record now because it makes the tour more exciting. Adrenaline Mob, I got that record early well and told Russ we’d take them out whenever we could. We had a show with them in Wisconsin that had to be canceled, we owed it to them.
I said we’d take them out on the next tour. Now we have this cool lineup that we think is going to be really great for our fans. It’s going to be great, plus it’s all three bands are friends. It’s going to be as fun for us as it will be for the fans.

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