Sunday, April 27, 2014

Synyster Gates interview with Loudwire

Synyster Gates was interviewed by Chris Epting of Loudwire, here's the interview:

If you could have taken a master class with any guitar player when you were growing up, who would it have been?
When I was young, probably Dimebag Darrell. That was my guy. I respected Steve Vai’s playing technique a little bit more, but just to be able to meet Dimebag would have been phenomenal. He could have shown me so much cool stuff. That’s the guy.

You and Zacky have such a distinctive twin-guitar sound. When the band was starting out, were there any indications that you guys would drive the band’s sound?
I don’t know if that kind of perspective was there, but definitely it was a guitar-driven band. When Matt [M. Shadows] writes songs, he’s writing on guitar. When Jimmy ['The Rev' Sullivan] was alive, he was writing for Avenged on guitar, mainly. I mean, we borrowed some elements from our old band Pinkly Smooth, songs like ‘Fiction’ or ‘A Little Piece of Heaven’ are very much him on the piano doing his thing.

Can you talk more about the band’s songwriting process?
Well, songs like ‘Brompton Cocktail’ or ‘Afterlife,’ those are very much Jimmy sitting down with a guitar. Everybody comes from that punk-rock background, everybody has a guitar. So it made sense, I knew it was going to be guitar-oriented. And when we started writing, we all liked the dueling guitars. Everything had to be harmonized. You listen to ‘City of Evil’ and it’s just layers and layers of harmonies. We were really influenced by bands like Queen and Mr. Bungle and all of their harmonies, and that really comes through in the music.

What does it feel like to by headlining the Mayhem Festival this summer alongside a legendary band like Korn?
This tour is going to be really exciting. I love all the bands. Korn are great friends of ours, so to be on tour with friends is amazing. We’ve been very fortunate to meet a lot of great bands, successful bands, that we can actually go tour with. Because the bottom line for those on the other side of it is they have to sell tickets. So its fortunate when you have great friends that can sell tickets as well because then you get to hang out with them everyday. I grew up listening to Korn, they were one of my favorite bands, just for the bass playing, vocals, and their extremely innovative guitar and drums.

Can you talk a bit about what fans can expect at your Mayhem show?
We’re probably going to play different songs, and just switch it up. We definitely have other things we can’t divulge, but we’re definitely going to put on a bigger and better show. Hopefully a little bit longer than usual, too.

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