Saturday, April 19, 2014

Synyster Gates: "We definitely have other things that we can’t divulge yet but..."

Synyster Gates was interviewed by Crave Online, here's an excerpt:

Mayhem Festival was announced a little while back. What does it feel to be touring with Korn?

It’s going to be really exciting. I love all the bands. Korn is great friends of ours, so to be on tour with friends is usually our number one. We’ve been very blessed to meet a lot of great bands, successful bands, that we can go tour with. Bottom line on the other side of it is that they have to sell tickets. It’s fortunate when you have great friends that can sell tickets as well because you get to fucking hang out with them every day. I mean, I grew up listening to Korn, Korn was one of my favorite bands. More so for the bass playing and vocals, but they’re extremely innovative guitar-wise. I’m just a huge, huge fan. 

After touring so extensively the past year, how is Avenged going to mix up the set for Mayhem?
This may sound sarcastic, and I don’t mean it like that, but we’re probably just going to play different songs and just try to switch it up. It’s as basic as that. We definitely have other things that we can’t divulge yet but as far as the set, we’re definitely going to put on a bigger, better show so-to-speak. Hopefully a little big longer because I know we get complaints about that. Longer, better, bigger…

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