Saturday, May 10, 2014

Arin Ilejay interview with La Presse

Arin Ilejay spoke with Quebec's La Presse about becoming the bands drummer, about his contributions, the bands influences/his influences, playing Jazz with his dad, and how he survives the long touring cycle.

Avenged Sevenfold is one of those young rock bands that never fail to go through Quebec for a decade. Have you walked the Youth Pavilion and the Agora, in addition to an evening run on the Plains of Abraham in 2011, the Californian quintet is offered Monday its first Pepsi Coliseum. Since their last visit, drummer Arin Ilejay, replacing the late James "The Rev" Sullivan, became a full member of the metal band. The son of blues and gospel singer does not hide the sun have hesitated before jumping in for good adventure A7X. Now that he has dark, he said he was more confident and invested in training.

Whenever you come to Quebec, you will always attract more fans. Is this is a special city for you?
The public is great every time we come. Zacky Vengeance has already taken a vacation in Quebec. This is definitely a place where you enjoy spending time.

In August, you became a permanent member of Avenged Sevenfold and not replacing The Rev. How did you learn?
It was during a group meeting, the guys got together and asked me if it was something I really wanted to do. I had to think about it, because it is an incredible opportunity. Saying yes, it was to say yes to millions of fans and many young people who were marked by Avenged Sevenfold. The group wants to continue for some time, until we be as old crusty rockant on stage [laughs]. I needed to take some time to think. But it was good, it was not too long. I love playing music and guys are fantastic.

Do you feel a difference since you're a "real" member of the group?
Even before I was an official member, the guy asked me if I had any ideas. But it is even more true now. I am more involved in the creative process.

It must sometimes be heavy to carry to be the successor of The Rev ...
Obviously, this is a delicate situation, because nobody's really gone. It is not as if it was better than before. The Rev is dead and the guys just wanted to find someone who could contribute to the legacy of Avenged Sevenfold. They made me feel welcome, made sure that I am not overwhelmed by all expectations. This is really good.

Hail to the King, the first full disk with your contribution as drummer, turned to the metal and classic rock. How have you approached this change?
I do not know how it was for others, but I did my best to play the disc and create the right styles. It was a novelty for me. I had never played [more classic metal or hard rock] before. In my head, I would have come up with a crazy drum solo for each song to impress everyone. But others said, "No, we will put our mark on classic rock." So I set myself my color. We now form a whole. We all work to what Avenged Sevenfold.

What do you feel to share poster festivals with bands that influenced A7X, like Iron Maiden and Megadeth?
Even though I have not really been influenced by these artists, it amazes me, it makes me triper to know that we play alongside them. It's really cool, I like it! I did not really grew up listening to metal. I was raised in religion and gospel music has always been close to me. After, bands like POD, My Chemical Romance and Green Day introduced me to bare metal, punk-rock.

Have you ever been tempted to play jazz or blues music as your parents?
When I return home, on the side. I've played the blues in a bar a few times with my father. It's fun to go back to playing in small clubs, it brings me back to earth.

You'll be away from home for the next three months. You have 45 performances by August in Canada, the United States, Europe and Japan. How do you manage to get through such a tour?
A lot of water and plenty of sleep. If I neglect my sleep, I'm not at my maximum. I want to have the necessary energy, even though I do not really drives me. Play the songs that The Rev wrote is quite draining. But I train more mentally and physically. I make sure to stay grounde and reasonable tour. I like to go out and go to the store to feel normal. It helps me to explore the city where we are.

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