Friday, May 16, 2014

Nice gesture of Avenged Sevenfold in Syracuse

We all know how wonderful Avenged Sevenfold are to their fans!
Syracuse, NY - Check out how one fans mishap landed her on stage with the band below:

Her name is Raven. She is 13. She was standing up front when a crowd surfer hit her and she smacked her chin hard on the fence. The security guard asked if she was okay and if she wanted to leave. She said no and stayed. Right before avenged sevenfold last song the manager asked if she could come up on stage. She was brought up and sat on stage and hung out with Synyster Gates and Zack V. Then when the show was over she was walked on stage with the band. They gave her the band's setlist and guitar picks from each.



  1. dat lucky girl.
    I would shit myself.

  2. Some people are sooooo lucky!!!

  3. Good God, I'm so fucking jealous.But if I was in the situation, I would probably be the crowd