Thursday, May 15, 2014

Synyster Gates: "I found that to be so intriguing and..."

Synyster Gates was interviewed by Ultimate Guitar, here's an excerpt:

You got into country? 
I didn't fall in love with the actual techniques and playing that and it discouraged me a little bit. Then I found gypsy jazz or re-found it because I used to love listening to it but it seemed like a very unattainable art form. It's an old '30s style form of jazz. They had the Big Bands and the guitar really wasn't out in the forefront; it was more of a rhythm instrument. These guys like Django Reinhardt developed this rhythm style called the pump and they played to emulate the Big Bands. I found that to be so intriguing and especially once I got into the scale types such as the minor 9th and the harmonic minor. I found the techniques, scales, the nuances and the details of it to be very useful. 

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