Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Synyster Gates talks about Download Festival

Synyster Gates was interviewed by Ultimate Guitar, here's an excerpt:

You're headlining one of the three days of the Download Festival. 
Yeah. What I want to say is it's gonna be awesome. It's gonna be f--king awesome. From our standpoint? F--k, dude, it's the coolest thing ever. We haven't headlined a festival I don't think. Well, a big overseas festival. I mean we've done [other festivals]. It's definitely the biggest festival and the biggest show we are going to headline. To have it be overseas in such a place and have it be a legendary and historical sort of thing because they had AC/DC headlining. The last time I was there and saw it they had System of a Down and those two f--kin' bands couldn't be more instrumental in either how I view music today or days of yesteryear. It's legendary. Way too cool.  

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