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The secret history of Avenged Sevenfold - Part Three

Below you will find an excerpt from the article of Metal Hammer about the secrets of Avenged Sevenfold:

They also talked about the Waking The Fallen and City Of Evil, Beast And The Harlot video and Bat Country.

"It was really fun," Johnny enthuses. "It was the natural evolution of the band at the time; we were ready to party and we were gonna do it in our songwriting, too!"

"It was a lot of fun!" agrees Syn. "It was the glory days, where metal transcended metal radio. There was a much larger audience and the major labels were willing to dish out a lot more money for crazy videos and crazier tours. The parties were absolutely nuts. On the the Beast and the Harlot video, we just got whisky-drunk all fucking day.
We had a bunch of people packed in the fucking limo, popped open the champagne and just had a fucking party."

"We were constantly reining each other in, but there was nobody to lead by example," Syn adds by way od admission. "If someone told me not to do cocaine, and I got drunk enough, I'd go get some. Then we'd be out of our minds at seven o' clock in the fucking morning. Like I said, no one was leading!"
As was his way, it was The Rev that regularly out-partied- and out-crazied the rest of his bandmates, often getting them into more spots of bother and, ultimately, indulging his own vices to the extent that the band were forced to take some action.
"We sent Jimmy to rehab for cocaine issues," reveals Syn, before clarifying "it wasn't that I ever felt like Jimmy had an issue, it was just a fucking tactic. He loved the fucking party, so we just picked (a vice), whether it was this, drinking or whatever, it was just, 'Let's get you some help, man', to calm him down a little bit. It actually helped him, he didn't do cocaine another day in his life!"

Synyster reveals another anecdote that he has, by his own admission, never previously disclosed.
"Well, he didn't do cocaine another day in his fucking life...except for the day he got out of rehab," admits Syn with a guilty chuckle. "That was my fault. I got him out of rehab and we did a final cocaine hurrah, and we vowed to never do it again. And he never fucking did! But, the minute he got out of rehab, we did a big was of cocaine, wrote a bunch of fucking music, and it was a great day! I've never admitted that to anybody. It was a little fucked up."

If "a little fucked up" might go some of the way to describing life in A7X at the height of their hedonism, it only paints half the picture of controversy that followed the band prior to the maturity and foresight that now envelopes their psyche. In late 2005, during the interview that accompanied their first ever Metal Hammer cover, the band made some inflammatory political remarks that still shadow many people's perception of them to this day. Openly voicing his support for George W Bush's controversial regime and stating and opposition to gay marriage, Shadows hardly endeared himself to metal's more liberal quarters...

"I think there are always gonna be people that look back on that, " opines the singer with a sigh. "It's a little cringeworthy, but when you're a young kid you have the right to be stupid sometimes, and I think that when we were that age, we had some different points of view. Not to get back into politics, but I'm about as socially liberal as you can possibly be, and I think people don't really realise that about this band. We're the kind of people that think that you should be able to do whatever you want on this planet, and no one should be able to tell you differently, as long as you don't hurt somebody else. I think those interviews were done with a bunch of young guys that were very strong-willed and just wanted to get theri opinion out there, when it doesn't necessarily represent the band now."

"I wish that we'd had the maturity of mind to just say, 'Hey, that's personal, that's private', instead of, 'Hey! Fuck you! We're gonna vote for George Bush!'" admits Syn with refreshing honestly. "That's not how we felt. We didn't want people to fucking suck our Republican dicks, it was just a reaction. But, you live and you learn, and a lot of bands say douchey shit. I don't think anybody's been an exception, especially that young."
"It's kinda hard to look back on those things, honestly," adds Johnny with a grimace. "Some of those quotes, it's like, 'Ah, man...' Even at the time when it came out, we were like, 'Did we really say that?!'

At the end of the day, you gotta laugh about it, 'cause we were just kids getting our first real taste of success globally. You live and you learn, and you have fun with it."

Do you still oppose gay marriage? "Oh, no. Not even close," shoots back Shadows without a second's thought. "Honestly, I don't give a shit what you do with your life, and I don't think anyone else should care what anyone else does with their life."

"I might get myself in trouble here," he continues, "but I think that everything should be legal, and until you prove yourself wrong, you should do whatever you want in your life, and that includes drugs, prostitution, everything. With marriage, I think that anyone on this planet that wants to get married to anyone else should be able to do that."

We're always for equal rights," confirms Syn. "I just want to make that completely clear."

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