Wednesday, June 18, 2014

“It Goes to 11″ with M.Shadows has made 11 questions to M.Shadows, you can read below:

1. So what’s the current story with AVENGED SEVENFOLD
We’ve got something like 78 shows in the next few months! Insane!

2. Hollywood puts together a movie about Avenged Sevenfold, who plays you?
Oh God, I would veto the project right away! I think I would be too embarrassed to watch someone try to play me.

3. Strangest request or question you ever received from a fan.
A guy brought his 15 year old daughter and wanted us to sign her arm so she could get our names tattoo’d on her. I don’t know why he would ok that, the last thing she needs is a bunch of signatures from some dirty Rock Stars.

4. Give me a musical “guilty pleasure” something in your collection that might shock me.
I listen to a lot of pop stuff, there is a Japanese group of girls that do this metal/pop thing that’s cool…Oh and Aqua, remember “Barbie Girl”??

5. You have a dentist appointment, and your regular dentist can’t make it. When the chair spins around who do you NOT want to see there.
One of our security guys, Big T. He’s like seven foot tall and nuts! There’s actually a lot of guys I wouldn’t want to see.

6. Name an artist that you would like to hear cover your music.
I’d like to hear Elton John do our music! I wanna hear it all done on piano.

7. Have you ever met anyone in your Avenged travels that has claimed to have slept with Gene Simmons?
No, because every girl claims they don’t sleep with anybody! That’s like the new thing, it used to be cool to be a groupie in the 80′s…not anymore.

8. Give me a current artist you would like to jam with.
You know anytime you get to share the stage with Metallica it’s a good thing. If you’re playing with Metallica you know it’s gonna be in a stadium, that’s nice.

9. What’s one thing you HAVE TO DO before you go on stage?
I do a ton of things. I warm up three hours before we go on. I need hot water with lemon and sugar free Red Bull.

10. What is your favorite curse word?
Haven’t really thought about that…I just use all of them equally.

11. Last question, what does hearing your music on the radio mean to you?
It means a lot! But it’s also very embarrassing and I change the station! You don’t wanna be in a car with a bunch of friends when your band comes on and you turn it up….you’re a douche.

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