Wednesday, June 25, 2014

M.Shadows answers fans questions

M.Shadows is answering some questions from fans on the forums of Hail to the King: Deathbat, click here to ask a question about the game.

Can I purchase band members as characters and how does that affect the game?
As for purchasing band characters it was a tough subject for us. We don't want to have any in game purchases because we think that sucks. So for 4.99 you get the Deathbat character and can beat the game that way with no purchases. Also, finding the "Rev" sword is a part of the game. We had some people play test the game and most non gamers found the game to be way to hard. In most games you can pay a little bit of money and make your way through the game. Our problem is we are a band and we feel a ton of NON Gamers are going to pick up this game and be frustrated. So we added our characters that you can buy for a small price and they have very over powered swords and magic abilities. If you don't want to purchase anything and want to play the game as intended you will also be rewarded with achievements for doing so. This is the only way we could think of making sure non gamers have a cool experience as well as hardcore gamers. P.S Johnnys sword is the most powerful.

What happens after the game? Will you be able to replay it at a higher difficulty level?
After you beat the game you can go into NightmareMode which is much tougher.

Is the unholy ghost inspired by Papa Emeritus of Ghost?
No Unholy Ghost is not inspired by PAPA. Why would we want to kill someone we love? haha But there are some other funny references in the game that may make some of you laugh.

Avenged have been referred to as "sellouts" for making a mobile game, what is your take on this?
People will always call you sell out. In fact I think I used to call Green Day "sellouts" when I was 12 because they were on the radio. Funny thing is, I found out about them because they were on the radio. We all have the right to be ignorant when we are young. We have been called "sellouts" for every single record we have done. When the reality is we just do what interests us and put it out there. We don't force anyone to buy anything from us. As for a game, I could understand if we just slapped our name on something and had nothing to do with it, but we have put our blood sweat and time into this "indie" game. Funded it ourselves etc. etc. No publisher, just a group of friends doing something cool. If it's good or not is for you to decide. I remember when Metallica were "sellouts" because they made a music video for the song "One". Talk about overreacting. Then it became the norm. I think it would be pretty cool if games became the norm since no one plays videos on TV anymore. 

Will the soundtrack to the game be released for purchase?
I would like to make the soundtrack available with the next live DVD we do. Just throw it in as part of the package. We will see what happens. Some people will hear the soundtrack and think we have lost our minds by releasing it.

Will Hail To The King: Deathbat be available on PC?
We will try and make a PC version of the game as long as there are enough people that want it. But then again if that many people want it I'd rather use the resources and make part 2.

Will the game feature any multiplayer modes?
No multiplayer content. Its more of an adventure game, not really a hack n slash to run around with your friends. Maybe on the next one though.

How much memory will the game take up on my phone?
We have actually been able to optimize the game significantly. Looks like we should be under a gb, but it takes a ton of memory loading levels so make sure all apps are closed while playing.

How much will the game cost?
Game will cost $4.99.

Will Hail To The King: Deathbat be available on Windows Phones?
To get the game on Windows Phones at launch would take a significant amount of more work. We will see what happens after the initial launch of Android and IOS. Sorry, just so many devices its hard to get them all at once.

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