Thursday, June 26, 2014

M.Shadows: "As for purchasing band characters it was a..."

M.Shadows answered some questions from fans on Hail To The King: Deathbat forum:

Can I purchase band members as characters and how does that affect the game?
As for purchasing band characters it was a tough subject for us. We don't want to have any in game purchases because we think that sucks. So for 4.99 you get the Deathbat character and can beat the game that way with no purchases. Also, finding the "Rev" sword is a part of the game. We had some people play test the game and most non gamers found the game to be way to hard. In most games you can pay a little bit of money and make your way through the game. Our problem is we are a band and we feel a ton of NON Gamers are going to pick up this game and be frustrated. So we added our characters that you can buy for a small price and they have very over powered swords and magic abilities. If you don't want to purchase anything and want to play the game as intended you will also be rewarded with achievements for doing so. This is the only way we could think of making sure non gamers have a cool experience as well as hardcore gamers. P.S Johnnys sword is the most powerful.

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