Sunday, July 27, 2014

Zacky Vengeance: "The defining moment for me, personally, and one of the defining moments in our career was when..."

Revolver Magazine has interviewed Zacky Vengeance, you can read an excerpt below:

A lot of young bands find it difficult to make that stage-to-studio transition.
Totally. We were up there onstage with broken instruments, trying to be as crazy as we could, but we didn’t realize that your album needed to sound good so that you could get what you’re trying to do across to people. The defining moment for me, personally—and one of the defining moments in our career—was when we all got together with the producer and engineer during pre-production, and we were playing “Unholy Confessions.” It was basically a riff that the Rev and I had written at soundcheck, and then Syn and Matt came in with a brilliant chorus and an almost groove breakdown. It started out as Matt screaming the whole time, because that was basically what we did, but Matt was like, “What do you think about me singing some of these parts instead of screaming them?” He sang this unbelievable melody in his extremely unique voice, and we were like, “That’s it—we’re incorporating singing!” We were like, “You’re a great singer—who cares what the hardcore kids think of us? You need to be singing these parts!” It added a whole new dimension.

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