Thursday, July 24, 2014

Zacky Vengeance: "The first song that was written for "Waking The Fallen" it was..."

Revolver Magazine has interviewed Zacky Vengeance, you can read an excerpt below:

This was the first Avenged record to really feature Synyster Gates as a full member, right?
Pretty much, yeah. We re-did the intro to Sound the Seventh Trumpet and had Brian put a solo on it, but this was the first time Brian played on a whole album, and contributed to the songwriting. That’s when we started incorporating dueling leads. The first song that was written for it was “Second Heartbeat,” and that was right as Bryan was joining the band. He came in and listened to the opening riff that I’d written, and he was like, “Hey, let’s add a harmony guitar on it!” All of a sudden, it turned into this Iron Maidenesque thing, and Matt and I were just blown away. I’d never been much for soloing on my own, and all of a sudden we were incorporating these awesome elements that we’d never even had before.

Click here to read the full interview.

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