Sunday, July 27, 2014

Zacky Vengeance: "We basically went into a small studio with zero budget, but..."

Revolver Magazine has interviewed Zacky Vengeance, you can read an excerpt below:

What are some of the extras on this reissue?
With the reissue, we’re offering the demo tracks that we recorded for the album. We basically went into a small studio with zero budget [and with Thrice’s Teppei Teranishi producing], but we wanted to hear what the songs sounded like with vocal melodies and different guitar tones before we laid it down. These demos are as real and as raw as it gets—every one of them is different from the songs that ended up on Waking the Fallen. We pulled parts out of some songs, added some to other songs and dropped some entirely. You can definitely hear the evolution.

I believe there’s five demos. One of the demos ended up being a main part of “City of Evil,” and was never even used on Waking the Fallen. At that point, we hadn’t recorded a whole lot, so it was almost experimental—like, “Wow, this is what we sound like?” [Laughs] It’s just us experimenting, trying to find our own sound for ourselves. Sounding the Seventh Trumpet didn’t really sound like us, because Matt wasn’t singing a whole lot, Brian’s not in the band at this point, Jimmy’s playing on a drum set that’s about to fall apart, and my guitar playing abilities have never exactly been virtuoso. So with these demos, that was the first time we were truly able to hear what Avenged Sevenfold was capable of sounding like.

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