Saturday, August 9, 2014

Johnny Christ: "See what we want to accomplish with the next record and..."

Full Metal Jackie interviewed Johnny Christ, you can read an excerpt below:

Johnny, how long after an album has been released do you start thinking about new music and what is usually the first pitch that gets you jotting down ideas?
Well, after a new record is released, we are a touring band so we are out for two years and we don’t even begin to start thinking about that until our cycles are pretty much coming toward the end. At that time then we go home we take a few months off and then we first like to discuss what we want to make. We definitely want to make sure that what we are making is something that we are proud of and something that we are inspired to write. If we go in there and just try to manufacture something then we are all going to be bummed out.
We always try to sit around, have a couple of drinks with each other, and cite songs that maybe a couple of other guys haven’t heard or if you have it pulling it out like I want to do something like this. Those influences can be from anywhere. A lot of the times it ends up being just random places like hip hop or R&B or, whatever, Mr. Bungle stuff. Then we syphon it through our creativity and rewrite it differently. At any rate, influences come from different places each time and you never really know so we are trying to make sure that we are in the right mind set so we take a little time off, discuss it, see what we want to accomplish with the next record and then get inspired.

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