Friday, August 8, 2014

Johnny Christ talks about The Rev

Full Metal Jackie interviewed Johnny Christ, you can read an excerpt below:

Johnny, was it bittersweet reviewing old footage for the DVD portion of ‘Waking the Fallen: Resurrected’ and seeing The Rev?
Yeah, you know, we all — it was a different time, so it was just fun to see everyone in that aspect and obviously anytime we see stuff with Jimmy it is just bittersweet. You know, little by little we get by a little better each time. It has been a while and things start to get a little easier as anyone who has lost someone very close to them knows that you still feel that way. But you find out that you can just celebrate it than let it hurt you, so it’s actually kind of nice to see The Rev all in black and still wearing makeup and everything like that because that was a time when we were still putting on the makeup and making sure that we were very serious and all in black and everything like that. Now, that just isn’t the case anymore. It is fun to look back and see that youthful time.

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