Saturday, August 9, 2014

M.Shadows: "We’re actually trying to tell a story with our game, and..."

M.Shadows was interviewed by Revolver Magazine that will be in the new issue, you can read an excerpt below:

REVOLVER Hail to the King looks much more involved than your typical shoot-’em-up or hack-and-slay mobile game. 
M. SHADOWS It is, man, and that’s a big reason why I wanted to come out to San Francisco, meet with people face to face and get the game in their hands. It is a very big game for the mobile platform. We’re pretty much making a console game, and squishing it down as much as we can to fit it onto your phone and some of the other high-end devices. We’re actually trying to tell a story with our game. And it’s something no band has ever done before.

We wanted to do it for mobile devices, because most people have smart phones, so this is a way to get a cool story into people’s hands. When you make a Triple-A console game, the development can take five or six years and cost close to 200 million dollars and we didn’t want to just slap our name on something and have the people who invested that money tell us how the game is going to end up.

Something like this, we were able to fund it ourselves, we developed it ourselves, we’re publishing it ourselves, and we have complete control over it. Everything that’s in this game is from us, and doing a mobile game has allowed us to do that.

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