Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Avenged Sevenfold's Hail To The King: Deathbat - 7 tips for success

Pocketmeta posted 7 tips for success for Avenged Sevenfold game Hail To The King: Deathbat, you can read some excerpts below:

#1 – Save up for the Lightning Weapon first

Aside from buying a lot of potions, upgrading your max lives, HP, magic, and buying shields — the only thing you can really spend your coins on is a new weapon. There are five weapons you can buy, but it’s best to just save up and buy the most powerful weapon (the lightning sword), so you don’t waste coins on weapons you won’t use later on. Granted, they do have unique magic abilities, but the lightning storm is still the most effective.

One thing about HP upgrades that you’ll notice, is that every time you respawn, you still only have 100HP. You either have to use one of your limited number of potions, or kill enemies/break objects hoping you find some HP. Because of this, you should work on the lightning weapon before upgrading your stats.

#2 – Farm Bat Country and Bonus Levels for coins

Early on, the levels aren’t too difficult, so you should be able to save up quite a few coins without having to buy a whole lot of potions. Still, you might not have enough to get all of the upgrades for a while, but you can speed this process up by re-playing the Bat Country level or any Bonus Levels you have unlocked. I’d say Bat Country is just as good as most bonus levels, but either one will provide you with a lot of coins — and you can play them over again and again. After you’ve defeated the boss in Bat Country, the cave with all of the coins remains open, so you can run straight there and start picking up the loot. You’ll easily get 500+ coins doing this, and since it doesn’t take that long, you’ll have a fully upgraded character with a lightning sword in no time.

#3 – Know your enemy, don’t stand and swing

Some enemies react differently than others to your attacks, you’ll notice one enemy will get in your face and attack you even if it’s getting hit, while others may slide back a few steps. Usually, enemies that get knocked back can still hit you if you simply stand still and swing your sword. However, if you hit them and push them out, and then quick take a couple of steps back, you can avoid getting hit and keep knocking them away. Other enemies may require you to run in a circular pattern to avoid getting hit while still keeping damage consistent

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