Friday, October 17, 2014

Avenged Sevenfold's M.Shadows talks about craziest fan story, your worst song and more

M.Shadows responded to fans on, below you can read some of them:

Fan: Hey Matt! I am such a huge fan.
1) What's your craziest fan story?
2) Matt, do you ever switch wives with Brian?
3) What do you think is your most underrated song? (for me, it's definitely And All Things Will End. that solo at the end gives me chills.)
4) What do you think is your worst song?
5) will you ever do a meet and greet package in England?
6) what's been your most rock and roll moment?
7) what's the biggest argument the band has ever had? have you ever been close to splitting up because of one?

M.Shadows: 1) craziest fan story is a lady told me in Denver she named her kid after me... I thought that was cool but then she said it was her daughter... she showed me the tattoo of her daughters name.. Em Shadows
2)As much as possible... like to keep it fresh
3) Save Me
4) Hmmm.. Unbound...
5) People dont like that we dont do meet and greets, but honestly we feel like total pricks charging for stuff like that. We should figure out a better way to do it with contests etc. We will work on it
6) Standing at download in front of 80k of you... felt good to be home
7)Arin eating syn gates food after a show... bitch almost got killed! but seriously its never more then a 10 min convo and we get over it

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