Thursday, October 23, 2014

Avenged Sevenfold's M.Shadows talks about Hail to the King, City of Evil and Synyster Gates

M.Shadows responded to fans on, below a question and answer:

Fan: Hi Matt, thanks for checking in!
How was the response to Hail to the King? What kind of feedback and general opinion did you get on the album and on the new video game?
How does Syn look so fucking chill when he plays insane solos like in Second Heartbeat or Afterlife?
Then I just wanted to say that Afterlife is one of my favorite songs ever and I use it as benchmark song for every audio device I use. I love A7X and I am glad you carry on the Rev's legacy and keep him alive on stage!

M.Shadows: Hail to the King was a response that resembled City of Evil. In terms of numbers it is on pace to sell the same as all the other albums. In terms of fans there are some that get it and some that dont. Both of those albums came as drastic changes to the albums before and both had to "find their audience." Internationally its been our biggest record with Nightmare.
Game is getting a great response from the fans and a mixed response from critics... its to be expected. But if the fans are happy then we are happy.
Thats Syns vibe man... some people say he looks bored.. He just likes to shred and its his personality. hahaha funny guy that syn gates
Thanks bro!

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