Monday, December 8, 2014

M.Shadows talks about Dimebag Darrell

M.Shadows recently talked with Loudwire about Dimebag Darrell, you can read some excerpts below:

"We never got to know Dimebag. But if he’s anything like his brother, we would have loved him."

"When Dime comes on, you know it’s him playing guitar. It’s the most killer tone and no one can emulate that. That’s the greatest thing I can say about him. He’s an innovator, he was the best at guitar. He was one of my biggest influences, I know he was Synyster Gates' No. 1 influence.”

He concludes, "No matter how hard you try, no one ever is going to be as good as that guy. It’s just sad that we never got any more music from him.”

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