Saturday, January 10, 2015

Avenged Sevenfold talks about Transformers, Linkin Park, China and more

Avenged Sevenfold was interviewed by in China (you can see some photos here and here). Below you can read some excerpts:

Q. Many Chinese Fans know your music through the movie Transformers. Does it bother you that they came into contact with your music this way?
A7X. If the makers of Transformers believe our songs are suitable for their movies we don’t have a problem with that. While we don’t cater to mainstream music we won’t complain if our music becomes main stream. But it’s not important really how the Chinese fans have found us. We’re just happy they like our music.

Linkin Park have written a song for Transformers and the Call of Duty Game. Your band has also done the same. What do you think the difference is between yourselves and Linkin Park?
We’ve never been compared to Linkin Park prior to coming to China. Perhaps the only thing we have in common is that we that we both have headlined UK’s Download Festival. The differences are that Linkin Park are more of a Transformers Band and we’re more of an Album-oriented band.

Have you heard some of the Chinese bands? Do you have any good suggestions or ideas for them?
To be honest, we didn’t come into contact with any Chinese bands, so we don’t have much advice to give them. In fact there has not been very much contact between Chinese and rock and there are very few Chinese rock fans. And that is why we have to come and perform here in China. So my suggestion is to let us get more familiar with each other and we have taken the first step by touring here. We care about the fans here and we hope they get a chance to get to know us better and then we will continue to come and more American bands will tour here but also give Chinese Bands the opportunity to come tour the US too.

Will your albums continue to change with every new release?
With each new album we write what we are into at the time and then we try to project the emotions onto that album. If the fans like it when it’s finished then of course we will be very happy, if they don’t then…(shrugs)

Metal music was very popular in China in the 90’s now Indie, folk, and other types of music are most popular. What’s popular in the US now?
Indie music is very popular in the US now too. We've been very lucky to be successful with our music but we will work hard to make our type of music more popular.

Have you considered using more seven stringed guitars in your music in order to make it more popular?
Haha, we haven’t given it any thought. I play the six stringed guitar but I guess we could consider adding a string to Johnny Christs bass. He only has four and He gets bored during shows.

Thanks to Avenged Sevenfold's Eternal Soldiers.

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