Wednesday, January 28, 2015

M.Shadows offers current opinion of Metalcore

M.Shadows was interviewed by The Jakarta Post recently and has spoken about the band's past and future, a future that will not include Metalcore. Below you can read some excerpts:

“The metalcore has been left behind. It’s not something that any of us find enjoyment in listening to, so it’s obviously not the direction we would write songs in. I wouldn’t hold my breath for a comeback. We are ever evolving and never repeat ourselves.”

So, how does M. Shadows wants Avenged Sevenfold to evolve? “I want to stay away from trends and do what we want to do musically,” he said. “We write music because we have to — it’s a part of our very being. As we develop I just see us following our heart on this musical journey.”

 “It has been good for us, because there are some big bands to play with. People think this is a competition between bands, when the reality is the more successful bands the better. It really does help everyone when there are some big bands leading the charge.”

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