Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Metallica's Kirk Hammett talks about Avenged Sevenfold's This Means War

Kirk Hammett recently talked about Avenged Sevenfold's This Means War, which bears a strong resemblance to Metallica's Sad But True:

"When it comes to influences and inspiration and anything else, I can't really say anything, 'cause I'll admit, there's been riffs that I've heard where I was, like, 'I'm getting me a riff like that.' Or I hear guitar solos and I'm, like, 'Oh, I'm gonna steal that lick and put it in this guitar solo and I hope no one notices.' It happens a lot more with… Musicians do it a lot more, I think, than what the public is aware of. It's when musicians call out other musicians on it, it kind of makes me uncomfortable. I mean, music has a long-standing tradition of recyclining itself. If you look at certain genres, like the blues, it's the three fucking same fucking notes in every fucking song. If you listen to rap music, it's the same beat."

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