Sunday, June 14, 2015

Zacky Vengeance talks about new DVD "This Is Bat Country"

Zacky Vengeance talked with WRIF about the upcoming DVD "This Is Bat Country". Below you can read an excerpt.

"We have vigorously been filming every moment that we can across the entire world since, during the 'Nightmare' cycle, because we’ve been on such a rollercoaster since that point. It was so emotional and such a dark time that we didn’t let anybody in. But, once we got back on our feet and on tour around the world, it was so important to us to document every step of the way and when the DVD comes I truly believe it's gonna be one of the greatest DVD's in rock in a very very long time. I've seen just clips getting put together and stuff and it inspires me, like, "Holy shit, we've come so far. I can't even believe where we're at."

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