Friday, June 24, 2016

Chris Jericho remembers Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan

In this week issue of Kerrang!, Chris Jericho remembers Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan. You can read an excerpt below.

"The Rev was like Alex Van Halen and Vinnie Paul in one, because you’d always know his sound when you heard the song. How many other drummers can you tell instantly who it is from the sound of the drums, the vocals and songwriting? That guy, to me, was like the Cliff Burton of A7X; he gave so much to that band that they wouldn’t have had without him. That maturity, harmony, melody, uniqueness… They wouldn’t have become as huge as they have now, headlining Download and arenas, without what they learned from The Rev. There are so many similarities between The Rev and Cliff Burton in that sense – they both gave so much to their bands who made it into the big-time after losing those members. He was like this guiding hand that pushed their ship around he world, this giant Revhand pushing the A7X machine to the next level."


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