Friday, September 30, 2016

The A-Z Of Avenged Sevenfold shared a list called "The A-Z Of Avenged Sevenfold". You can read some excerpts below.

A is for... Aaronson, Craig
Warner Brothers A&R executive Aaronson signed A7X to the label from Hopeless Records in the summer of 2004, having previously brought Green Day, My Chemical Romance and The Used to the label. When Aaronson passed away in 2014, the band paid tribute to him in a moving statement, stating “We had heard horror stories about independent bands signing with major labels so when we first met Craig we were sceptical. We ended up trusting him and Warner Brothers Records and in the end we are glad that we did. Craig had not only been a personal friend to us through the years, but also helped spearhead many of the band’s successes.”

B is for... Brian Haner Sr
The 58-year-old Californian musician/comedian/writer has played guitar on every A7X album from 2005’s City Of Evil through to 2013’s Hail To The King, but is best known to Avenged fans as the father of guitarist Synyster Gates, aka Brian Haner Jr. Syn has hailed his father as his “inspiration”, “hero” and “best friend”, and described him as “a fucking monster” on guitar. Awwww.

C is for... Covers
Across their 17 year career, Avenged have released just three cover versions, two - Iron Maiden’s Flash Of The Blade and Pantera’s Walk – commissioned by this writer for magazine covermount CDs, with the third, their take on Black Sabbath’s Paranoid appearing on the Warners compilation Covered – A Revolution In Sound. Sadly, their corporate paymasters vetoed their original choice for this collection, which would have seen the quintet tackle Stubb A (Dub) by Mr Bungle, who Synyster Gates cites as his favourite band ever.

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