Tuesday, November 1, 2016

M.Shadows about Best Of compilation: "Warner Bros are trying to make money"

M.Shadows was recently interviewed by Metal Hammer. You can read some excerpts below.

About the Best Of compilation that Warner Bros will release on December 9, he said: "They saw the tweet that Chris Jericho put up, assumed the record was coming out December 9, and tried to undercut our sales and confuse casual fans. We didn't find out it was happening until we saw it online. They're just trying to make a cash grab. The fans will figure it out, it's a viral world and people will know. Go on Spotify and make a playlist of those songs, it's easy."

Asked to give an update on the current state of play in regards to their relationship with Warner, Shadows adds: "The reality is we're still in a lawsuit with Warner Brothers, we're exercising our right of the seven-year rule which is a law in California that says you can't be in a contract longer than seven years, and it comes down to feeling that nobody at that company cared or knew about Avenged Sevenfold any more. All the higher-ups had gone through multiple regime changes. So we took way less money to go somewhere else, do what we felt was right for our career, take on a lawsuit, than put out a record and let it fall by the wayside."

M.Shadows added: "None of this cool stuff (about new album "The Stage") would be happening if it was on Warner Brothers. There's no way they would let us do this."

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