Friday, November 4, 2016

M.Shadows: "Hail To The King was too close to Metallica, but The Stage is completely different"

M.Shadows was recently interviewed by Loudwire, you can read some excerpts below.

"I’m glad that we can add something new to the fold that Metallica’s not going to bring to the table, and they’re going to do what they do. Instead of last time where our record was a little too close to Metallica, I’m glad that people are going to have a huge spectrum of music to listen to, and all of it sounds completely different from each other."

As far as the two huge bands releasing new albums around the same time, Shadows adds, “I think that there’s something really cool about that. You know, a newer band pushing to some new boundaries, Metallica is just a classic legendary band who’s obviously going to put out a great record. So to me, it’s just awesome. I think it’s great for metal fans and I wish I was 15 again to enjoy it.” 


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