Saturday, November 26, 2016

M.Shadows: "I still have The Rev's number on my phone"

M.Shadows was recently interviewed by 2 Hours With Matt Pinfield and talked about The Rev:

"18 years of my life, he was literally at my house every single day. When you lose some that close, it’s at times worse than losing a family member. Your whole world is ripped apart – everyone that knew him is a wreck emotionally. It goes on for years and years and years. You never fully recover from it – it’s something you live with for the rest of your life."

He adds: "There’s all those moments where you’re like, ‘Man, this would be great if he was here for this,’ or you want to call him – his number’s still in your phone. It’s bizarre, but it’s also part of life. It teaches you mortality. We learned it at an age that I wish I didn’t learn it at."

Shadows reports that it’s been difficult to keep the band going since Sullivan died, but says: "I think the band’s done a good job of being able to put on a happy face, get out there and get back to business."

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