Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Synyster Gates: "I don't like instrumental music"

Synyster Gates revealed he has a thing against instrumental music, confirming he's the reason why the 15-minute "Exist" track off the band's new album "The Stage" didn't end up as an instrumental.

Gates tells Kerrang: "I've never been a fan of pure instrumentals. A lot of our favorite contemporary bands have done exceptional instrumentals - from Metallica to Dream Theater - but the funniest thing is that classical music is pretty much all instrumental, so I don't know why I don't fucking like instrumentals."

He added: "But I know I certainly don't want to have any of them on my records! I thought we could do a healthy blend, and we got the best of both worlds. Just like everything this band has done, we all kinda shit on each other's visions a little bit, but when you look at it in retrospect, it's always for the better."

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