Tuesday, January 17, 2017

M.Shadows: "Gojira and Wolfmother are awesome"

Synyster Gates and M.Shadows were recently interviewed by Live Nation Germany, you can read some excerpts below.

Asked to name the best current rock and/or metal band around, M. Shadows said: "Gojira, for me. They're awesome."

Pressed about whether Avenged Sevenfold still gets inspired by other bands and incorporates that influence into its own music, M.Shadows said: "If they do something cool. I don't go out there and go, 'Oh, this is more of the same,' but if something's, like, really badass and cool."

He continued: "I was listening to Wolfmother the other day, and I was listening to Gojira, and I was thinking, 'Man, both these bands probably had the same influences, but they both have done something completely different with them.' It's probably the Black Sabbath, the Led Zeppelin influences, but both bands [put] their own twist on what their interpretation of the old rock is.'

M.Shadows added: "For me, a band like Gojira brings something really cool and new to the table. And the latest David Bowie record, to me, is really innovative; 'Blackstar' is amazing. There's a lot of stuff that's very cool that is very influential."

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