Friday, January 13, 2017

Synyster Gates about The Rev: "He makes me smile every day"

Synyster Gates was recently interviewed by The Irish Times, you can read an excerpt below.

Asked if he still misses The Rev, Gates said: "Yeah, of course. I mean, everybody's lost somebody, and I think they all miss them incredibly. Do you miss them to tears every day? I'd like to say yes, but I would be lying; I don't miss him to tears. But you think of him… He makes me smile every day — he makes me still shake my fucking head every day — thinking about what an exceptional human being he was. And I think that's truly important. And then at certain times you have, where… it's not déjà vu, or whatever it is, but it feels like you just lost him; you'll have that surge of emotion, and it's fresh and new, and then, yeah, it'll bring you to your knees and to tears. But every single day, many moments of the day, he's definitely missed and reflected upon and smiled at."


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