Friday, February 17, 2017

Zacky Vengeance talks about Arin Ilejay and Brooks Wackerman

Zacky Vengeance was recently interviewed by Metal Forces, you can read an excerpt below.

On parting ways with drummer Arin Ilejay and recruiting former Bad Religion drummer Brooks Wackerman, Zacky said: "One of things that always set us apart was having a drummer like The Rev with us. After he passed away, we knew that it was gonna be really hard to fill that void. We brought in a young kid named Arin to tour with us, and he played on the 'Hail To The King' album. He's a brilliant drummer, but doesn't have the same… I guess, way of writing that The Rev had. We were just really missing that element of our songwriting, and Brooks was always a drummer who we were fond of for his unique style, coming from the punk rock scene and a famous family of drummers. We asked him if he would be interested, and he was interested. We jammed together, and it was definitely a perfect fit for us musically."


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