Saturday, July 8, 2017

Synyster Gates about his son: "He’s got the music buzz already"

Synyster Gates recently talked to about the birth of his son. You can read some excerpts below.

“We blocked out 10 days before and after, so 20 days total, around his due date, thinking that that’s enough time unless something crazy happens,” he says. “And of course, something crazy happened. I had to cancel a show in Philly. Life is just a bunch of madness, but it’s extremely exciting, and we’re definitely having a good time.”

“He’s going to be introduced to it all. We play him music all the time. He’s got the buzz already. When I pick up the guitar or play piano or whatever he focuses in. His attention span is pretty good when you’re playing music or stimulating the guy like that. I know I’m biased,” he laughs. “But it seems pretty obvious to me. He’s already been on the road. He came out a few weeks ago when we were in Houston. He’s already a road veteran.”

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