Saturday, June 9, 2018

Synyster Gates: "Johnny Christ pissed in my dad's face"

At this year’s Rock on the Range festival, Synyster Gates told us a classic story from the road. Explaining why A7X always seem to pick on Johnny Christ, Gates recalled a time when the drunk bassist pissed on Syn’s father while he was asleep on the tour bus.

This story was from Warped Tour 2005, when the band just began receiving mainstream attention for City of Evil. Syn’s father decided to tag along on tour for a bit, quickly developing a friendship with Johnny.

“Johnny’s my boy, I love this kid. He’s so cool, why are you such dicks to him?” the elder Gates asked. The shredder’s Dad soon found out, as he received an unwelcome wakeup call in the middle of the night.

“[Johnny] had blacked out drunk in the middle of the fucking bunk,” Gates recalls. “My Dad thought it was raining… it wasn’t raining. Came to, opened up his bunk and there’s this naked butt. It just turns around a whizzes over my Dad’s face. The next morning, he’s trying to fumble around and find his stuff. He finds his shoes and the one with his wallet and all of his goodies are filled to the brim with Johnny’s urine.”


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